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vanillafluffy [userpic]
"The Heat Wave," Adam-12, Pete Malloy/"Mack" MacDonald, Green
by vanillafluffy (vanillafluffy)
at April 8th, 2012 (02:44 am)

Title: The Heat Wave
Authored by: vanillafluffy
Pairing/spoilers: Pete Malloy/"Mack" MacDonald
Rating/Work-safeness: Green
Approximate word count: 1400
Disclaimer: All rights belong to Mark VII Productions
Betaed by: The Goddess Herself, karaokegal
Summary: A while back, I posted that I'd started watching an old favorite series, Adam-12. karaokegal asked me if it was as slashy as she remembered it. I considered her question for a while, and had to say yes and no. Most people would ship Malloy with Reed, but to me, that kind of chemistry between Malloy and MacDonald was clear. I think they've got something going on the down low, and this is how it got started. Please bear in mind that this is set forty years ago, and attitudes about sexuality have changed since then.

Malloy is indifferent to the gender of his sexual partners. He has a slight preference for women, but when you get right down to it, a hot mouth is a hot mouth and both sexes have them.