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Reflective [userpic]
New Type of Post - Anonymous Kinkmeme!
by Reflective (haldane)
at October 28th, 2012 (09:32 pm)

So, you've seen the anonymous Kinkmemes floating around, where you can secretly ask for that fic you've always been wanting - and now, here, you have the multi-fandom version!

Just post a comment to this post, and don't forget to come back and read through the comments in case you find something just right for you to write for someone else. Some crossovers need to find just the right author, after all.

When it's time to post a request fill, just enter it as a comment or series of comments in reply to the original prompt. The other option for longer fics is to post on your own journal and another host such as Archive Of Our Own, and provide a link.

This might take a couple of tries for me to get right, as it's my first time setting one of these up. But let's have a shot at it!